Match Information

6/17/2013 10:55AM
Our second match is fast approaching, again just like before every match do the following: I have also changed the way to RSVP for matches, By clicking the RSVP button in the menu you will be redirected to a form where you must RSVP for matches. This is MANDATORY, you must RSVP at least 5 days before the match (Every Wednesday). If this is not done, I will assume that you are unable to attend and a backup will take your place. You may RSVP for any match this season, not only the next one, but make sure that you are sure that you can attend every match you RSVP for or there will be consequences.

Season Information

6/7/2013 9:36AM
The season is upon us, below I have included a link to the match schedule. Make sure you:


7/8/2012 6:30PM
I've added a new section entitled "Tools". This section includes useful tools and links for our clan and TF2. The "Tools" button has replaced the "Home" Button. You can return home by clicking the header.


6/25/2012 5:45PM
This is the First post on the site!